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Hello! My name is Amit Deo Panwar. I am a Freelancer Programmer and Team Leader of an awesome web and iphone apps development team.

Does any of these matter to you?

Confidentiality of Concept?
Dedication and Reliability?
Quality of the Software?
Advices & Suggestions?
Return On Investement?
Timeliness of delivery?
Search Engine Optimization?

  • Amit Deo Panwar! freelancer, php, mysql, scripts, outsource to india, web development, php projects
    "I've worked with Amit since January 2000. His work is solid and he's very pleasant to work with. He brings all his skills to each project while continuously evaluating for quality. His code is easy to maintain and upgrade flexibility is built in."
    - Brian Ball
    Founder Cafe Innovation LLC, CA, USA
  • Amit Deo Panwar! freelancer, php, mysql, scripts, outsource to india, web development, php projects
    "Working with Amit was easy! From the first day, I felt like Amit had been a partner in my project since day one. His understanding of my needs as well as the contributions he made to the finished product exceeded my expectations of what working with a programmer would be like. I look forward to working with Amit again soon. Thank you."
    - Eric Granata
    CEO DrinkShirt.com, Oklahoma, USA
  • Amit Deo Panwar! freelancer, php, mysql, scripts, outsource to india, web development, php projects
    "The only programmer we use! He's the best. He always gets it right for us and we've used him many times. He works fast and always finds some alternative ways whenever we got stuck. His sincerity and dedication is admirable. Thanks always!"
    -Stuart Wright
    Owner & Web Master 100PercentCheats.com, UK
  • Amit Deo Panwar! freelancer, php, mysql, scripts, outsource to india, web development, php projects
    "Amit is a delight to work with. His team does high quality work with care and professionalism. I hope to work extensively with Amit in the future. This is a team you can trust and depend on. We asked for numerous changes and they accomodated our needs with graciousness and perfection. Outstanding work, the hightest quality. I cannot say enough."
    -William Vicary
    CEO & Web Master SageCoding.com, UK
  • Amit Deo Panwar! freelancer, php, mysql, scripts, outsource to india, web development, php projects
    "It seems he has solutions for all problems. He is really an expert of Database Design and writing optimized SQL queries for best performance. He saved us a lot of money spent on expensive hosting because of our old imperfect code and DB design. I must say he is a Guru of PHP/MySQL."
    -Ahmed Zaman
    Web Master RomSearcher.com, UK
  • Amit Deo Panwar! freelancer, php, mysql, scripts, outsource to india, web development, php projects
    "Quality and low budget these two things mostly don't exists at the same place. But I am glad that I have found both of them here. We mostly used his services for creating online games and definitely he saved us a lot of time and resources by his expertise over the thechnology and team management skills. "
    -Peter Fortune
    CEO & Founder eContents.biz, Ireland
  • " Very fast programmer with thorough proficiency in the languages required. Has been resourceful in finding alternative solutions to outstanding issues."

If "Yes", you are at RIGHT place.
All the points mentioned below are hard to find at one place with other software development individuals or companies. Please have a look and decide yourself, if we fit into any of your criteria.

Confidentiality of Concept

We have a strict protocol to follow on confidentiality part, even if we didn't sign confidentiality agreement (NDA). We delete all the records of passwords, URLs and sensitive information as soon as your project is over. Your ideas will remain with us to the grave, whether you hire us or not.

Dedication and Reliability

We believe in long term relationships. So we are committed to client's 100% satisfaction. One engineering team and one project from scratch to end. We don't take up more projects than we can do at any point of time. This in turn, allows us be fully focussed on your project.

Quality of Software

We strictly emphasize on ethical and standard coding practices. We do have seperate test team that does rigorous and agressive testing of the code. We engage you in testing not only to iron out every kink in the code but also to make sure that UI is convenient to enduser.

Advices & Suggestions

We have seen many startups flourishing and dying. We feel, its our duty to suggest you various ways on how to make your web appearance appealing to market and build your brand and strategy. And needless to mention that we also suggest technically possible options if your budget is restricted.

Return On Investment

We are more affordable than our competitors for the kind of work we provide. Having us onboard is your first step towards wiser investment. Our excellent and smart work can save you a lot of time and money in long run. Our advices and suggestions can help you maximize your gains.

Timeliness of delivery

We don't remember we ever missed any deadline in our 24 years career. We very well know how a timely delivery of work can increase your gains in terms of money, your reputation in front of your clients and saving you from lots frustration that result in medical expenses eventually.

Search Engine Optimization

Millions of sites and apps being created every now and then. There is extremely low chance of your website or app being noticed, until it is not search engine optimized. Search engine optimized code also doubles the effect of your marketing dollars. Unlike other companies, we create all our code search optimized for site and also provide SEO services to get your apps noticed in millions of other apps.

Consulting and Planning

An effective website requires a clear definition of goals, comprehensive planning, and expert execution. For sites that have not yet been built or are ready to undergo a transformation, we can provide information on architecture planning. Contact us for a free consultation.

Architecture and Design

While constantly communicating with the client, we organize all aspects of the project to set paths for further design and development process. We create smart and usable interfaces with a strong accent on accessibility and semantically correct markup.

Application Development

Regardless of the project size, we offer robust and sophisticated "out of the box" or custom built solutions. From a typical content management system to specifically targeted web applications, we produce highly usable, modular and search engine optimized solutions.

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