Careers Freelancing is the way to go for only self motivated, highly disciplined and extremely talented people. If you have these qualities, you are most welcome to join our team.

Join our Team!

We invite talented, motivated freelancing professionals with a strong work ethic to be a part of an outstanding team.
Our appreciative environment offers you an opportunity to work with knowledgeable experts and innovative thinkers in the Web development industry.

Click Contact Us and just tell me briefly why I should allow you to be a part of my team. Our priority of selection is your attitude. You must be self motivated and passionate about quality and creativity.

Other requisites:
  • Group A: Technical Expertise required for web apps
    • PHP, MySQL, Core Javascript, jQuery, HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0
    • Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn, Paypal APIs
    • Adobe Flash Programming
  • Group B: Technical Expertise required for iPhone apps
    • Programming using XCode, Objective-C
    • Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn, Paypal, GPS related APIs for iPhones
    • Adobe Photoshop (or similar image editing software)
    • Logic Pro (or similar sound editing software with a library of sfx)
  • Group C: Technical Expertise required for Designer
    • Adobe Flash Animation
    • Adobe Photoshop (or similar image editing software)
  • Group D: Technical Expertise required for Browser Plugins/Extensions
    • Firefox, Chrome, Safari Extensions
    • Must be able to provide few demos and references in the contact email

Please do mention if you are expert of Group A, B, C, D or any combination of these. And also, send some reference links to justify your statements.
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