Showcase - Please bear in mind that there is always more room for creativity and innovation in every project. However each project is confined to restricted time and budget, so every software can't be a piece of art.

This one of the largest and most regularly updated database of Game Cheats covering almost all the Game Platforms like PC, PlayStation, Mobile etc.

The important features it has:

  • User Review/Rate the cheat code
  • Submit Cheats which is posted for public if Admin allows it after review.
  • Platform and Game Title based Search engine which has been optimized to search for any Game cheat within millionth of a second even with the bulkier database (upto 1 million cheats)
  • Alphabetical links to all Game Titles for quick search and listings
  • All contents on the Site is completely managed by Admin controlled CMS.
  • Admin managed Ad links/Banners and scheduling them to appear in a particular date range

Duration: 17 days

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