Showcase - Please bear in mind that there is always more room for creativity and innovation in every project. However each project is confined to restricted time and budget, so every software can't be a piece of art. is one of the largest Cheat Codes, Lyrics Database having more than 1,00,000+ cheats, 1,50,000 songs and these number are increasing day by day. involves selling and licensing their contents (ie. cheats, lyrics etc) to other ISPs and hosting companies.
It has a vast CMS for Admin that has the following features:

  • Cross domain connection to database and serving data. ie. More than one domains are supplied data by a Centralized Database.
  • Paypal Payment for different Admin mentioned period and features (ie. Various Payment scheme management)
  • Paypal IPN and PDT validations
  • Mass mailing News Letters, Announcements and Account Renewal reminder to members.
  • Full control over member accounts ie. Admin can suspend, edit, delete member accounts as well as can add new members..

Member's Control Panel has the following features:

  • Renewal and upgradation of account
  • Various payment plans (schemes) for a variety of ISPs
  • Customizing the format of data being served
  • Background connections to database for the scripts running on ISP's server
  • Serving data or contents and features like rating songs or cheats, content submission, printer friendly page, send to friend etc.
  • Selecting Framed or Whole Page Format for the contents being served to their own site.

Duration: 25 days

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