Showcase - Please bear in mind that there is always more room for creativity and innovation in every project. However each project is confined to restricted time and budget, so every software can't be a piece of art.

This site helps people learn Spanish with ease by providing not only textual course materials (like others do) but also provides Audio Tutorials. It is an interactive way of learning rather than reading tons of books on Spanish.

  • Members can login and buy Textual or Audio tutorials based on their requiremets. Payment is made through Paypal IPN.
  • Authors can submit their Tutorials (be it textual or audio material) through  web form.
  • Admin can give assignment to any Author registered with the site or invite new Author. Upon completion and approval of an assignment Payment is made automatically through Paypal IPN.
  • Admin can manage all the contents on the site whether it is News, Announcements or Course Materials and their categorization etc.
  • Admin can overview the Site's income and expenses. Everything is controlled by online Admin Panel whether it is assignment, hiring authors or suspending or editing a member account.

Duration: 7 days

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