Showcase - Please bear in mind that there is always more room for creativity and innovation in every project. However each project is confined to restricted time and budget, so every software can't be a piece of art.

"A penny saved is a penny earned." - Wouldn't be it great if you could track your expenses and get some tips on how to manage things even better. This is the theme of this site.

  • Members can register and log thier expenses on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Different Categories for Expenses can be added.
  • Various Graphical and Textual reports on their expenses.
  • Smart tips on "How to better manage expenses?" are sent to members  in news letters or announcements 
  • These smart tips are ogranized and uploaded by Finance Industry Experts who are in the Admin staff of the site.
  • Members are also motivated to better manage the expenses through providing comparison reports between other members of site. (Identity is kept confidential). eg. Mr. X is able to manage his monthly Gas expense below $200. Would you like to have some tips?

Duration: 10 days

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