Showcase - Please bear in mind that there is always more room for creativity and innovation in every project. However each project is confined to restricted time and budget, so every software can't be a piece of art.

This site is a clone to well known with some additional features and improvements.

The features and modifications made are:

  • Randomization of the Ad images on the Main Board gives all Ads a similar importance rather than motivating advertisers who got the chance to place Ads on far corner of the Main Board.
  • Allows you to specify minimum Ad size (10x10, 20x20, 100x100). An advertiser can buy as much squares as he wants to place his banner on the Main Board.
  • All Ads are approved by Admin before displaying to public on Main Board.
  • More Traffic drawing than any other such clone as Visitors are also motivated by the hidden surprise gifts under different banners.
  • These hidden surprise gifts are managed by Advertisers ie. They can decide the number of Unique clicks after which the surprise gift will appear etc.
  • Graphical and Textual Click Tracking Reports on All Ads as well as Individual ads.
  • Admin Manages the Advertisers accounts ie. Add/Edit/Delete/Suspend.
  • Admin Manages the Ads on the site as well as creates or manages Payment Schemes or packages for Ad placements.
  • Advertisers can buy different Packages to fund their Ads on the site.
  • Paypal IPN integration.

Duration: 16 days

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